Thursday, September 25, 2008

Putting my foot down

I'm putting my foot down
No more shit
Not one more word from your lips
Is it me or her?
Is it her that you think of?
No more
You are mine
Take or leave it
But don't abuse it
I will give you every thing
I will love you unlike any other woman
Better than her
No more fights for you
Just balance and harmony
I will take you as you are
You will take me as I am
spirit and all
You are my soulmate
You even call your self my soulmate
I'm tired of waiting for you
My time is now
Our time is here

Your lips belong to me
Your hands should only touch me
Your eyes should only watch me
Your body belongs to me
Along with your heart and soul
You in whole are mine
totally and fully
She is the past
We are the future
I'm putting my foot down


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an easy decision for him.

Irishwitchgoddess said...

It better be ;)

ez cheese said...

Sometimes a good bitch slap goes a long way

villageidiot said...

if you put that foot down, and it has a stiletto heel that digs into his foot, he should get the hint ;)