Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I want you to do to me

Come in
Have a drink with me
Smoke a little with me
I will turn the music up for you
Touch me
Run your fingers through my hair
Pull it now
Bite my neck
Nip my ass
Spank me hard like you mean it
Make me scream your name
Squeeze my nipples between your lips
Suck them hard
lick and bite my titties
Play with me
Make me wet
Tease me
First one finger
Now two
Reach in to me
Rub that spot hard and furious
Make me cum for you
Now get down there
Lap up my sweet honeyed juices
Drive me wild with your tongue
Don't stop until I cry out in exctasy
Until you feel me squirt in your hot mouth
Until my body goes rigid in the heat
Now slowly bring that hard cock to my mouth
Let me taste
Let me lick
Let me suck
Let me play
I wanna feel you in my hands
IN my mouth I want you to cum
Pull my hair
I will suck you harder
Farther in to my throat
Throw me down
Choke me
Tell me to take it like the slut I am
Start slow
Tease me in to a frenzy
Until I can't take it any more
Until I beg for you to put it all in
Dig deep
Hold me down
Hold me tight
Don't let me squirm away
Don't let me wiggle out from underneath you
Fuck me hard
Make my honey run down my ass cheeks
Smash in to me
Make me scream until it echoes off these walls
So the neighbors can hear
Drive in to me with a hot passion
Bite my neck
Watch me cum now
So hard
It shakes my soul
But don't stop
Hit it harder from behind
Feel me get tighter around your cock
So tight that you groan in bliss
You have to slow it before you explode in me
Pull out and let me swallow it
Let me lick it off your balls
Let me throat it one more time
Grip my shoulders
As I feel you release in my throat
Now get dressed
Go home and think about what you just did
Don't call me
I will call you
Kisses lover


ez cheese said...

"Now get dressed
Go home and think about what you just did
Don't call me
I will call you
Kisses lover"

Hands down best part of the whole damn thing. I fucking love that, seriously applies to last night. Perfect thing to read first thing in the morning.

Irishwitchgoddess said...

ez~ just glad I could make you smile when you first wake up ;) and thanks hot stuff

villageidiot said...

may I ask, is that your ass there? verrrry nice.......