Sunday, September 14, 2008

My MoJo

You can sense me

You can taste me on your lips

You can feel me on your skin

You can still smell me on your hands

I am under your skin

One look is all it takes

Your blood gets hot

Your palms sweat

Your spine shivers

Your cock stands at attention

I am what drives you

Thoughts spinning around

You can't think straight

You can't sleep with out me

You dream of me

You need me

I am what amuses you

Sheets, my hair in your fists

You breathe me in

You swallow my honey

You lick me from your fingers

You really like it

I am what you crave

Watching me through the glass

Your thought always go to me

Your obsession is consuming

Your world is me

Your life can be me

I am what you want in a woman

Take my hand and follow me

I feel it too

I want you

I need you just as much

I am for you

Your love is what I live for

I love you and I have to have you


ez cheese said...

I hope it doesn't upset you that I read these words and imagine them coming from another. I like this, thanks.

Irishwitchgoddess said...

not at all ez...... just glad I can help hun.

Southern Sage said...

sounds like all is well over there.

villageidiot said...

"I am what you crave"

RAWR! I love hot...