Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry I haven't been on in a while but my computer is broken. But I am here now so why not let you in to my world for a few minutes. About three weeks ago We had two roommates move in with us. A guy and my chick friend. The guy is her boyfriend. They make me sick to my stomach. They are what I want my man and I to be again. All over each other and constantly kissing like my man and I used to be. I do have to say though since they moved in we don't fight like we used to. There is the positive. That is the silver lining. As everyone knows Christmas is upon us and every thing is getting uber hectic. Chaos is taking over in tinsel form. Being a Wiccan I do not celebrate Christmas but I do celebrate Yule or as you may know it the winter solstice. Yule is a more spirital holiday. It isn't about presents or food, It is about family and love in all forms. I just want to spend the holidays with the ones I love, but that is so hard to do with all the stress that comes with the holidays. I just want to kick back and watch christmas specials while getting stoned with my man. Some really hot steamy sex wouldn't be so bad either. Well happy holidays to all.

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