Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On being lonely

When you are lonely do you need a friend or a lover? I find myself asking this very question today. I am in a rocky relationship and I have no idea what to do or say any more. I am so lonely and torn apart by my heart. Love is so fickle and can go out in a puff of smoke, the flame gone. For years I have searched for the right person only to be disappointed. Some times I find myself in my head thinking thoughts of romance and passion only to shake my silly dreams from my head. Romance and passion can't exist in this time of worldly stressers and daily routines. There is no place for it simply put. No man is going to come down and save the damsel in distress, no matter how bad you want it. Men just aren't raised to love any more. Mothers try to teach their sweet lads a thing or two about love but it gets squashed by their fathers who teach them of destruction and decite. Now women are fighting back to take love to what it once was only to watch men put them down and insult them to tears. Men lack the compassion that women carry as a torch. It is sad but very true. Men love to watch us cry so they can be the reason the river of tears stops. I ask why do you really want to make us cry when we are so willing to give you our all? All you have to do is love with all that you are. Let go of the detruction your fathers have taught you and let love in. Quit playing childish games and love the way nature intended you to.

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Ronjazz said...

Irish, I have to answer this... No. Men...real men...do NOT enjoy watching women cry, let alone being the cause. Nor are we all made that way, in that selfish, condescending mode. No. Not at all. I would love to have a dialogue on this with you.

I invite you to my own blog anytime. You may see others you know, and you'll find a wide-open, uninhibited attitude there with someone who, indeed, respects and loves women.

Merry Christmas...I look forward to getting to know you.