Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick! Hit it hard

The door had just barely closed with our company behind it, when he wrapped his arms around me to whisper in my ear how tired he was. I groaned in dismay at that. He tipped my chin up and said to me " Ah you wanted to go again huh?". I could only look up at him with a sassy come back of " why the hell not?" He quickly pushed me towards the back of the couch where we both just dropped our shorts. I eagerly took his cock in to my mouth. Whirling my tongue around , up and down from the tip to his balls. Sucking, nipping his hard flesh between my wet lips. I could feel my sweet tight little cunt get hot and wet between my legs. Taking his cock deeper in to my throat making him groan my name, pushing him to the edge only to pull him back with me rising to my feet. He shoved me over the back of the couch......... sliding his fingers over my twat covered in my juices. I cried out in pure ecstasy. Holding on to my hips; he slid his huge stiff rod in, taking every inch of me. Filling.... stuffing me with him. Hard and deep at first. I felt him get harder when I thought he couldn't possibly get any bigger digging deeper and deeper inside me. Pressing hard against my dripping clit. His pace quickened to a steady rise. My head was spinning..... I couldn't hold on to this sanity any longer. I let my orgasm take hold of my whole being crying out his name. He hit it harder and harder until I thought I was going to surely break. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any more he spin me around gripping his slick wood. Quickly I sunk to my knees just in time for him to let his sweet honey empty on to my ever waiting tongue.

He put his pants back on and I did the same. I started to walk him to the door knowing it would be a while before I could ravage him once more. He held my face in his hands crushing his lips against mine, his tongue grazed my lips. I breathed in his sweet air. How beautiful I thought. Holding me close he whispered in my ear " I love you". With a slap on my ass he walked out the door to work leaving me with only my dirty thoughts to accompany me until the next time.


ez cheese said...

YES! I am popping your comment cherry...I like what I see here, looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm getting seconds then EZ!!

Sounds good sugar, keep it up.

A. Secret said...

Damn both you boys, you KNOW I love a virgin!

Great job witchy girl.

Irishwitchgoddess said...

thank you all for your support.
Secret you are my fave Thank you for honoring my page..... a legend you are my love..... mmmmmm